1998-1999 Le Mans 24 Hours Challenger [TS020]

  • 発売日:2024.06.14
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RACERS is a Japanese magazine usually dealing with racing motorcycles. Through the production of our issue on the Moto Elf project, we developed a close relationship with a legendary racing car designer André de Cortanze, who developed the initial concept and was the project leader of innovative motorcycles from France. Then, de Cortanze asked us to make another issue about the Toyota GT-One, which he drew the design concept and directed the car's development and racing activities. He said, “I ask you to publish a book on GT-One because the car has a special place in my heart among many race cars I've designed and built.” Thus, his words became the immediate trigger of this publication. All interviews, writings, and production were done by the hands of Japanese staff. We really hope you to enjoy this special issue on the GT-One, which is the only Toyota racing car with no Japanese engineer involved in its development.

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4 Cotents
6 About this publication


8 Who is Andre de Cortanze?
14 How the GT-One project commenced
32 THE SCENE from scenes 1998 Le Mans 24 Hours
42 Technical review of Toyota GT-One
56 Tripartite talk : Rob Leupen × John Litjens × John Steeghs
60 It's a “PIZZA TIME”! Ex-GT-One project members had a reunion
64 THE SCENE from scenes 1999 Le Mans 24 Hours
76 INTERVIEW : Andre de Cortanze × Jorg Zander
86 INTERVIEW : Ukyo Katayama
94 GT-One Road Car
100 INTERVIEW : Makoto Matsui
106 Editor's log for communications and interviews making this magazine
108 Acknowledgments
109 ending story